Shuttercase Camera Handle Battery Grip

Extra Juicy Camera Handle (Battery Grip)


Please note 2 models available: For iPhone XS/X and for iPhone XS MAX/8Plus/7Plus. Please choose the camera handle according to your iPhone model.
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Body Color: Black with leather surface effect

The Standard Shuttercase package already includes a Camera Handle with 3000mah Battery embedded.   Add one extra juicy battery pack for your iPhone! Please note that there are two models: for XS/X and for MAX/8PLUS/7Plus. Choose your model according to your iPhone case.

3 to 5 working days to US and Canada; 5 to 9 working days to the rest of the world.

Replaceable Camera Handle

Smartphones are designed for communication, not for taking photos. It's just awkward to use one hand holding the phone and the other one fumbling around on the touchscreen. No more, we say!

Shuttercase gives you a camera handle that enables to you hold your phone like a light-weight DSLR. We try to mimic the shape and feel of your favorite vintage camera, a design that has been perfected over more than 130 years.  

3000mAh Battery

Built-in the Camera Handle

Shuttercase's removable camera handle does much more than making it easier to take photos. Inside is a powerful battery that recharges your phone as you take photos and videos.

Powerful. Handy. Removable. Pocketable.


  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh/11.1Wh
  • Output: 5V = 1A
  • Input: 5V = 1A
  • Smart IC over-load over-heat protection.
  • Blue and Red LED lights
  • Embedded cable to charge your iPhone 
Manual Downloads Extra Juicy Camera Handle (Battery Grip)
Download Extra Juicy Camera Handle (Battery Grip) manual

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Andrew S.
United Kingdom

Battery Grip

It just works. No need to worry about your phone battery running out and losing that shot. Doubling up as a grip is just the trick. Steadies your shot and provides secure handling of what can be a slippery risky business.

Carl d.
United States United States

I love ❤️ this case

First let address the 800 lbs gorilla this case is a bit bulky. Compared with a traditional battery case not so much. This case does it all. I have had a bitly play case as well as many moment cases. This case takes some of the best ques from both. The bitly play case also has a physical shutter button their lens at the time I have had them where “ok”. The moment lenses where a big step up no machanical switch to make it feel like a camera. The shutter case has a mechanical shutter button so when you hold it down it can take burst shots which work in the iPhone and moment apps. I carry a second battery through with me so I can go all day and into late everning without worry about needing a charge on it hone XS max. If you like taking photos with your phone this moves you to the next level. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next.

Tom J.
United States United States

Battery grip is a super idea.

This battery grip is great idea. I purchase 2 extra ones, to have spare power. They don't last real long, but helps extend shooting time. A big step forward would be to have the charging outlet on the bottom end of the battery box, so that it is not covered when attached to the phone case. That way, if desired, a charge cord could be attached to allow charging both the battery and the iPhone while using it. Also, an even larger battery box could be useful, by providing room for another battery cell to double the capacity, as well as giving a larger grip to hang on to. It would not be in the way. You could get really creative in the grip shape, making it more like a DSLR grip, with a large about of extra power available. Great for shooting videos. More weight would only make it better.