Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max

Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max


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Body color: Black

  • The Coolest Battery Case made for iPhone Xs Max.  Redesigned for Moment M lens users.
  • Unique Mechanical Shutter Button. Use your iPhone like DSLR! No Bluetooth connection needed.
  • Replaceable Camera Handle with Leather Surface Effect.
  • 3000 mAh big battery embedded in the camera handle.
  • iPhone Stand that's Built-in.
  • Light & Easy-to-carry everyday case without camera handle.

Shuttercase x Moment lens bundle stocks are sold out and new bundle will be delivered from 14-Sep | Stocks for Shuttercase only are available and ready for delivery right now

Shttercase V2 for iPhone XS Max

We have redesigned the lens mount and the battery grip for Shuttercase XS MAX. Better buttons, better compatibility, better ergonomics, and better charging. Now, you can mount Moment lenses on both the first ( wide ) and the second( portrait ) iPhone lenses. 

Mechanical Shutter Button 

iPhone with Shuttercase is AI with Mechanical. You get the best of both worlds. Our Unique physical shutter button doesn't rely on Bluetooth or hardware to plug into the iOS system.  Just swipe on iPhone Camera App and press the shutter button embedded in the case. Feel the satisfying click of a Real Camera. Shoot by one hand. Shoot vertical.  Quick and Easy.

Replaceable Camera Handle

Tired of using one hand holding the phone and the other one fumbling around on the touchscreen? Shuttercase gives you a camera handle that enables to you hold and shoot your phone with one hand, like a light-weight DSLR, without the DSLR weight.  Better yet: when you don't want the camera handle, just remove and replace it with a leather cover that comes in the packing. Then you got an everyday case!

3000mAh Battery

Built-in the Camera Handle

Shuttercase removable camera handle does much more than making it easier to take photos. Inside is a powerful battery that recharges your phone as you take photos and videos. Handy. Removable. Pocketable. And since the camera handle is removable, you now have a battery case with battery removable.

Moment Lens Interface 

We have redesigned the lens mount for Moment lens users.  Now, with a brand new material and a metal lens stop,  we make sure that your lens is safe and sound in our lens mount. Our lens mount plate is replaceable and removable. This feature, combined with its mechanical shutter button and a big battery, makes your iPhone a real working horse. Currently, Shuttercase Xs Max is compatible with Moment V2( M ) lens system, including the popular Moment Anamorphic lens, the Wide 18mm lens, the Tele 58mm lens.  Not compatible with the V1 ( the O series ) lenses. 

iPhone Stand Built-in

Shuttercase removable camera handle also acts as a stand for your iPhone. It's easy to watch movies or browse through your photos hands-free, in either horizontal or vertical position. 

Selfie has never been easier. Just position Shuttercase vertically, keep a little distance and start iPhone count-down self-portrait shooting mode. 5 seconds later, you got a perfect portrait! IGTV & Instagram users will find this function so handy.

Everyday Case 

that fits your jeans

Shuttercase is not another cumbersome camera gear.  We design it always with our everyday user in mind.  Just remove the camera handle and push on the thin leather cover, you will get a light-weight everyday protective case.  What's better, the mechanical shutter button is still there.  Shuttercase is the ultimate tool we create for you photo-lovers and Instagrammers.

Better with Nylon Strap

We have created a Nylon strap to match Shuttercase so that you can easily hang it and carry it anywhere.  


  • Dimensions: 163 mm * 85 mm
  • Thickness: 4.4 mm
  • Weight without battery grip: 77 grams
  • Battery Grip weight: 67 grams
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh/11.1Wh
  • Output: 5V = 1A
  • Input: 5V = 1A
  • micro-USB cable (for charging the battery grip)
  • What's in the box

    • Included in the box:  one Shuttercase including 11.1Wah battery camera handle, one micro USB-USB charging cable,  one black pouch for camera handle, one black nylon strap, one leather surface effect hand grip to replace the camera handle, two thumb buttons. No add-on lens included.
    Manual Downloads Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max
    Download Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max manual

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    Robert R.


    Whenever I find myself in a situation where I am planning on shooting lots of photos on my iPhone I typically run into several persistent issues. Battery life can be a serious concern, one that directly resulted in me purchasing the iPhone XS Max over the XS, and like many of you I keep it wrapped up in a solid case to protect my investment, a case that is still thin enough to fit easily into my pocket. This setup is fine for casual shots but if I am out actively engaged in photography it won’t take long for both battery life and the generally poor ergonomics of my smartphone to start causing frustration. What if there was a solution to both of these issues, and at a reasonable price? Good news! There is, and it is called Shuttercase. At first, I was a bit of a skeptic. The Shuttercase packaging says you can “shoot your phone like a DSLR”, a claim that is somewhat pushing the limits. Other products that I have tried in the past never seemed to live up to their claims as they were not really designed specifically for photographers. The Shuttercase is specifically designed to address the known shortcomings of shooting on smartphones in ways that I think make perfect sense. The case features a removable 3000mAh battery that doubles as a grip, a hardware button for taking shots, and as a bonus, the ability to attach Moment lenses. Build quality of the case is solid and I especially liked the attention to detail in the form of a small thumb-rest you can add to complete the ergonomic effect of making your smartphone feel like a dedicated camera. I have spent some quality time shooting with the Shuttercase on my XS Max and i’ve found it to be absolutely fantastic for those times when I am focused on using my phone as a photographic tool. The one-two punch of having better ergonomics combined with the extra battery life gives you greater confidence in using your smartphone as your sole camera. I especially like the Shuttercase for travel photography as it really works for shooting at a location while not taking up a ton of space in your bag. Overall, the Shuttercase is great case/system if you are looking to transform your smartphone into something much closer to that feel you get shooting on dedicated camera gear.

    Robert Rittmuller verified customer review of Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
    Tawfik I.
    Malaysia Malaysia

    Shuttercase Review

    The item is great to use. However very frustrating to lose the thumb rest. Happened when I took the shuttercase out of my pocket

    Jonathan R.
    United States United States

    Great service

    So I ordered my case and pay for one day shipping, but they couldn’t deliver the next day and instead offered me an extra battery grip. The price for the next day shipping was pretty much what I would’ve pay for the extra grip so I didn’t mind if they gave me that for not being able to ship the next day.

    Said Z.
    Sweden Sweden

    Make a plata with 12.5mm

    Hi. Thanks for the fantastic case. I have a suggestion: If you can make a plate with 12.5mm thread, we will be able to use lens from Moondog and Zeiss Exolens. Best regards


    Great suggestion, Said, we are actually thinking about that. Just takes a bit time: ) BR Felix

    Paul B.

    Great product

    I have greatly enjoyed using the shutter case on my XS Max. The design is near perfect, fits my hand wonderfully and makes snapping photos sooo much easier. Well worth the money in my opinion. The shutter button is what I like most. Even comes with extra thumb grips and a wrist strap.All in all this is a great product. I would definitely recommend the shuttercase.