Shuttercase for iPhone 8Plus / 7Plus
Shuttercase for iPhone 8Plus / 7Plus
Shuttercase for iPhone 8Plus / 7Plus
Shuttercase for iPhone 8Plus / 7Plus
Shuttercase for iPhone 8Plus / 7Plus
Shuttercase for iPhone 8Plus / 7Plus

Shuttercase for iPhone 8Plus / 7Plus


Your iPhone 8Plus/7Plus is still a killer. You don't want to spend the extra bucks on upgrading. We get that. All you need is a New Gear to bring some New Inspiration. Try Shuttercase. You will be surprised at how quickly you could re-energize your photography passion again.
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Body color: Black

  • The World's First Modular PhoneCase made for PhotoLovers and Instagrammers.
  • Unique Mechanical Shutter Button embedded.  World Wide Patents.
  • Replaceable Camera Handle with Leather Surface Effect
  • 3000 mAh big battery embedded in the camera handle 
  • Multiple colors lens mount to choose 
  • Lens mount plate compatible with Moment Lenses V2( the M lenses )
  • iPhone Stand that's Built-in
  • Light & Easy-to-carry everyday case with-hand grip on without camera handle 

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Mechanical Shutter button  

It takes our team 13 months and 8 prototypes to build this core function. Our Unique mechanical shutter button doesn't rely on Bluetooth, any software or hardware to plug into the iOS system.  Just initiate your phone's shooting mode, and press the shutter button embedded in the case. The mechanism is safely integrated into the case and gives you the satisfying click of a Real Camera. Shoot by one hand. Shoot vertical.  Quick and Easy.

Replaceable Camera Handle

Smartphones are designed for communication, not for taking photos. It's just awkward to use one hand holding the phone and the other one fumbling around on the touchscreen. No more, we say!

Shuttercase gives you a camera handle that enables to you hold your phone like a light-weight DSLR. We try to mimic the shape and feel of your favorite vintage camera, a design that has been perfected over more than 130 years.  

3000mAh Battery

Built-in the Camera Handle

Shuttercase's removable camera handle does much more than making it easier to take photos. Inside is a powerful battery that recharges your phone as you take photos and videos.

Powerful. Handy. Removable. Pocketable.

Add-on Lens Platform

The design philosophy of Shuttercase is to develop an open platform for smartphone add-on lenses so that you can try different things. So our lens mount plate is replaceable and removable. Currently, Shuttercase for iPhone 8Plus/7Plus is compatible with Moment Lens  V2(  the " M " lenses from Moment Inc )

iPhone Stand built-in

Shuttercase's removable camera handle also acts as a stand for your phone. It's easy to watch movies or browse through your photos hands-free, in either horizontal or vertical position. 

Selfie with iPhone X has never been easier. Just position Shuttercase vertically, keep a little distance and start iPhone X's count-down self-portrait shooting mode. 5 seconds later, you got a perfect portrait! IGTV or Instagram users will find this function so comfortable.


Everyday Case 

with Mechanical Shutter embedded

Shuttercase is not another cumbersome camera gear.  We design it always with our everyday user in mind.  Just remove the camera handle and push on the thin hand-grip, you will get a light-weight everyday protective case.  What's better, the mechanical shutter button is still there functioning. So, you have the best of both worlds.   Shuttercase is the ultimate tool we create for you photo-lovers and Instagrammers.


Better with Leather Strap

We have specially created a leather strap to match Shuttercase, so that you can easily hang it and carry it anywhere.   We recommend choosing the leather strap as an essential accessory. 


  • Dimensions: 163 mm * 85 mm
  • Thickness: 4.4 mm
  • Weight without Camera Handle: 77 grams
  • Camera Handle weight: 67 grams
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh/11.1Wh
  • Output: 5V = 1A
  • Input: 5V = 1A
  • micro-USB cable (for charging the battery grip)

What's in the box

  • Included in the box:  one Shuttercase including 11.1Wah battery camera handle, one micro USB-USB charging cable,  one black pouch for camera handle, one black nylon rope, one leather surface effect hand grip to replace the camera handle, two thumb buttons. No add-on lens or leather strap is included.

Media Review Excerpts:

Article by JORDAN CARTON from Gear Hungry  

Editor's Rating: ★★★★★

Professional photographers know that a good grip on the body of the camera is an absolute requirement to stabilize the device when shooting. But what if you’re a mobile phone photographer? You’d have to contend with the very slim profile of your smartphone plus the relative difficulty of taking the shot pressing on the screen’s shutter button. This can result in blurry, out-of-focus shots. With the Shuttercase, forget about these limitations and you can easily take the shots like a pro.

What makes the Shuttercase so unique is that it comes with a built-in battery grip that is a lot similar to the ones we see in traditional professional DSLRs and some mirrorless camera systems. This allows you to hold the side of the smartphone with relative ease. Underneath this grip is a 3000 mAh battery that can help extend the power of your smartphone so you can take more pictures and shoot longer videos without having to reach for your power bank.

Inspired by the design of the classic 135 point-and-shoot cameras, the Shuttercase instantly transforms your iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 8 Plus into a remarkable mobile shooter. Too bad, it doesn’t come in an Android or other iPhone smartphone configuration. Nevertheless, the Shuttercase should make mobile photography and filmmaking even more fun.

Aside from the integrated camera battery grip, the Shuttercase also comes with a unique physical shutter button. This eliminates the need to touch the screen if you want to take the shot. This stabilizes images while also giving you the exceptional experience of shooting with a real camera.

Speaking of the battery grip, this can also be removed so you can use it more like a standard smartphone case.

Ideal for social media influencers and digital content creators, or just photography lovers (, the Shuttercase is an engineering masterpiece that transforms your smartphone into a professional-looking camera. It’s not a DSLR, but it’s far better than a point-and-shoot.

Manual Downloads Shuttercase for iPhone 8Plus / 7Plus
Download Shuttercase for iPhone 8Plus / 7Plus manual

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Alan E.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Shuttercase for iPhone

I’ve had this for a few weeks now and I’m happy to say that this is a quality item. Excellent build and fit. Highly recommended!

Michael H.
United States United States

Solid design

So far seems to be pretty solid, simple and functional case

Andrew Springer


Very useful and helpful for recording videos and photography because of the shutter button making it easier and the battery pack adds a stability for holding your phone and gives you much more battery life!


i have question

this case availible moment anamophic lense?


Hey Kee, yes sure ! Shuttercase is compatible with Moment Anamorphic lens.

John S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

quick comments

not used it yet - well built - good design hand grip slide was quite stiff as was the protective slide cover. Please put direction marks on sliders to show which way to insert. When to use / or not use the battery - advice please. Thank you for all your hard work - John ( uk user )