Moment Lens Pen

Moment Lens Pen


Essential Accessory for Moment Lenses | Keep you beloved lenses clear
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This lens pen is designed to keep your Moment lenses clean of dust and dirt, with a lens brush and a felt cleaning tip. You can also use it to help clean your phone’s camera sensor so your shots always come out crispy.

Shipping Within 3 to 5 working days to North America, 5 to 9 working days worldwide.


1) Felt tip cleans dust and fingerprints your phone lens, camera lens, and the the inside / mount side of your Lens.

2) Brush side is retractable and best for removing general dust on the front of a camera or smartphone lens.

3) Small enough to fit in your pocket.

4) Size: 12mm W x 94mm H ;  Weight: 4g

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