Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max

Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max

Free Shipping to US&Canada | 7 Days Free Return | Compatible with Moment Lens V2( M lenses )
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Body color: Black

  • The Coolest Battery Case made for iPhone Xs Max.  Redesigned for Moment lens users.
  • Unique Mechanical Shutter Button. Use your iPhone like DSLR! No Bluetooth connection needed.
  • Replaceable Camera Handle with Leather Surface Effect.
  • 3000 mAh big battery embedded in the camera handle.
  • iPhone Stand that's Built-in.
  • Light & Easy-to-carry everyday case without camera handle.

Free Shipping to US and Canada; 10 USD extra cost for International shipments

Shttercase V2 for iPhone XS Max

We have redesigned the lens mount and the battery grip for Shuttercase XS MAX. Better buttons, better compatibility, better ergonomics, and better charging. Now, you can mount add-on lenses on both the first ( wide ) and the second( portrait ) iPhone lenses. 

Mechanical Shutter Button 

iPhone with Shuttercase is AI with Mechanical. You get the best of both worlds. Our Unique physical shutter button doesn't rely on Bluetooth or hardware to plug into the iOS system.  Just swipe on iPhone Camera App and press the shutter button embedded in the case. Feel the satisfying click of a Real Camera. Shoot by one hand. Shoot vertical.  Quick and Easy.

Replaceable Camera Handle

Tired of using one hand holding the phone and the other one fumbling around on the touchscreen? Shuttercase gives you a camera handle that enables to you hold and shoot your phone with one hand, like a light-weight DSLR, without the DSLR weight.  Better yet: when you don't want the camera handle, just remove and replace it with a leather cover that comes in the packing. Then you got an everyday case!

3000mAh Battery

Built-in the Camera Handle

Shuttercase removable camera handle does much more than making it easier to take photos. Inside is a powerful battery that recharges your phone as you take photos and videos. Handy. Removable. Pocketable. And since the camera handle is removable, you now have a battery case with battery removable.

Add-on Lens Compatibility

We have redesigned the lens mount for Moment lens users.  Now, with a brand new material and a metal lens stop,  we make sure that your lens is safe and sound in our lens mount. Our lens mount plate is replaceable and removable. This feature, combined with its mechanical shutter button and a big battery, makes your iPhone a real working horse. Currently, Shuttercase Xs Max is compatible with Moment V2( M ) lens system. 

iPhone Stand Built-in

Shuttercase removable camera handle also acts as a stand for your iPhone. It's easy to watch movies or browse through your photos hands-free, in either horizontal or vertical position. 

Selfie has never been easier. Just position Shuttercase vertically, keep a little distance and start iPhone count-down self-portrait shooting mode. 5 seconds later, you got a perfect portrait! IGTV & Instagram users will find this function so handy.

Everyday Case 

with Mechanical Shutter embedded

Shuttercase is not another cumbersome camera gear.  We design it always with our everyday user in mind.  Just remove the camera handle and push on the thin leather cover, you will get a light-weight everyday protective case.  What's better, the mechanical shutter button is still there.  Shuttercase is the ultimate tool we create for you photo-lovers and Instagrammers.

Better with Leather Strap

We have specially created a leather strap to match Shuttercase so that you can easily hang it and carry it anywhere.   We recommend choosing the leather strap as an essential accessory. 


  • Dimensions: 163 mm * 85 mm
  • Thickness: 4.4 mm
  • Weight without battery grip: 77 grams
  • Battery Grip weight: 67 grams
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh/11.1Wh
  • Output: 5V = 1A
  • Input: 5V = 1A
  • micro-USB cable (for charging the battery grip)
  • What's in the box

    • Included in the box:  one Shuttercase including 11.1Wah battery camera handle, one micro USB-USB charging cable,  one black pouch for camera handle, one black nylon rope, one leather surface effect hand grip to replace the camera handle, two thumb buttons. No add-on lens or leather strap is included.
    Manual Downloads Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
    Download Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max manual

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    Great use & amazing service

    I first got the shuttercase for my iPhone X but never got to use it due to an extensive injury. Because of how I was injured I had to replace my phone. I upgraded to the iPhone Xs Max but then was wondering what to do with my other shuttercase that I now couldn’t use. I contacted shuttercase customer service and explained what happened. How about they sent me the NEW shuttercase for the Xs Max!!! No charge to boot!!!!! I’ve been using it with flawless ease. It’s easy to grip my phone now in precarious positions to get just the right shot and not once has my battery died on me as it normally would while out shooting forever!! How can I thank you enough because a simple thank you won’t quite suffice. But that’s all I can say. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

    Gaetano A.

    Simple and Comfortable

    Ideale per scattare foto a una mano, con un sistema molto semplice, comodo e anche stabile. Interessante la possibilità di avere una power bank da 3000 mAh integrata che, nel mio caso, garantisce un 70% di carica aggiuntiva all’iPhone XS Max la cosa che ho apprezzato meno è il pulsante di appoggio del dito sul front perché se non state attenti a quando sfilate lo smartphone rischiate di toglierlo involontariamente e... perderlo!

    Gaetano A. verified customer review of Shuttercase for iPhone XS MaxGaetano A. verified customer review of Shuttercase for iPhone XS Max
    桐谷 麗了子

    Shu廿ercqse」は、まるでカメラの ような操作性を可能にするIPhoneケ ースだ

    カメラ愛好家でも、iPhoneで写真を撮る機会は増えている。しかし、少し物足りないと感じる人もいるだろう。「Shu廿ercqse」は、まるでカメラの ような操作性を可能にするIPhoneケ ースだ。シャッターボタン、取り外し可能なカメラハンドルおよびアドオン レンズ用のマウントプレートなど、こだわりの仕様。暗室に入るのが趣味と いうチームが開発に20カ月を費やし た。

    Tom Piper

    Almost feels like my Sony DSLR mirrorless camera with this handy grip

    The visual quality and clarity of smartphone images have now become so good that they are frequently used more as cameras, than as communication devices. I have used many different iPhone holders, grips, selfie-sticks, and handles over the years, but have now found a battery case that truly improves my photography skills. The new Shuttercase is a slender black easy-to-mount case with a 3000mAH battery inside a detachable leather-surface Camera Handle articulated with a special shutter button and thumb rest. It almost feels like my Sony DSLR mirrorless camera with this handy grip. It also provides a convenient way to sit my iPhone on my desk for easy viewing or to take a picture remotely using my Apple Watch as the shutter button.

    Carlo J.
    United States

    Best of iPhonography

    This is really great for people who travel a lot and like to travel light. Couple this with a Moment lens and you got the ultimate set up to take the best travel pictures out there, all ready to be shared to all your social media. I'm so happy that they made a case for the XS Max!