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Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X
Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X
Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X
Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X
Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X
Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X
Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X
Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X

Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X


Budget Choice for users who don't need to carry lenses. Moment lens users please go to Shop => For iPhone => Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface
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Body color: Black

  • The Coolest Camera Case made for the latest iPhone Xs/X.
  • Unique Mechanical Shutter Button. Use your iPhone Xs like DSLR!
  • Replaceable Camera Handle with Leather Surface Effect
  • 3000 mAh big battery embedded in the camera handle 
  • Multiple colors lens mount to choose 
  • iPhone Stand that's Built-in
  • Light & Easy-to-carry everyday case with-hand grip on without camera handle 

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Made For iPhone Xs & X

iPhone Xs launched on 12-Sep-2018 is hailed as the most powerful smartphone on this planet!  Shuttercase is excited to announce that we are releasing the Shuttercase Xs to match the latest iPhone Xs. Equipped with the unique Shuttercase Xs,  industry-leading A12 bionic chip, Dual-lens system, and the ever-evolving iOS,  you will be able to unlock the full imaging power of the world's most powerful mobile camera. Compatible with iPhone X.

Mechanical Shutter Button  

iPhone Xs with Shuttercase Xs is AI with Mechanical. You get the best of both worlds. Our Unique physical shutter button doesn't rely on Bluetooth/software or hardware to plug into the iOS system.  Just enter iPhone Xs own Camera App shooting mode and press the shutter button embedded in the case. Feel the satisfying click of a Real Camera. Shoot by one hand. Shoot vertical.  Quick and Easy.

Replaceable Camera Handle

We are tired of using one hand holding the phone and the other one fumbling around on the touchscreen.  Shuttercase gives you a camera handle that enables to you hold and shoot your phone with one hand, like a light-weight DSLR, without the DSLR weight.  Better yet: when you don't want the camera handle, just remove it and replace with a cover and you got a light-weight everyday case!

3000mAh Battery

Built-in the Camera Handle

Shuttercase's removable camera handle does much more than making it easier to take photos. Inside is a powerful battery that recharges your phone as you take photos and videos. Handy. Removable. Pocketable. And since the camera handle is removable, you now have a battery case with battery removable。

About Moment Lens compatibility

The current lens mount on this case body is NOT compatible with the Moment M system. If you are a Moment lens user,  check out our Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS/X  or  Shuttercase with Moment Lens Interface for iPhone XS Max

iPhone Stand Built-in

Shuttercase's removable camera handle also acts as a stand for your iPhone Xs. It's easy to watch movies or browse through your photos hands-free, in either horizontal or vertical position. 

Selfie with iPhone Xs has never been easier. Just position Shuttercase vertically, keep a little distance and start iPhone Xs' count-down self-portrait shooting mode. 5 seconds later, you got a perfect portrait! IGTV&Instagram users will find this function so handy.

Everyday Case 

with Mechanical Shutter embedded

Shuttercase is not another cumbersome camera gear.  We design it always with our everyday user in mind.  Just remove the camera handle and push on the thin hand-grip, you will get a light-weight everyday protective case.  What's better, the mechanical shutter button is still there functioning.  Shuttercase is the ultimate tool we create for you photo-lovers and Instagrammers.

Better with Leather Strap

We have specially created a leather strap to match Shuttercase so that you can easily hang it and carry it anywhere.   We recommend choosing the leather strap as an essential accessory. 


  • Dimensions: 148.13 mm * 75.55 mm
  • Thickness: 4.4 mm
  • Weight without battery grip: 66 grams
  • Battery Grip weight: 67 grams
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh/11.1Wh
  • Output: 5V = 1A
  • Input: 5V = 1A
  • micro-USB cable (for charging the battery grip)
  • What's in the box

    • Included in the box:  one Shuttercase including 11.1Wah battery camera handle, one micro USB-USB charging cable,  one black pouch for camera handle, one black nylon rope, one leather surface effect hand grip to replace the camera handle, two thumb buttons. No add-on lens or leather strap is included.

    Shuttercase: iPhone-to-DSLR Conversion

    a review by Tom Piper, Apple Zealot & Pro Photographer

    Since 1968, digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras have been a part of my photographic history . . . until 2007, with the introduction of the first iPhone and 2MP camera. Since then, I have progressively evolved from my cumbersome DSLRs to my ever-present iPhones. Meanwhile, I have tried a variety of cases, batteries and holders in attempts to improve the iPhone’s ability to capture great images.

    With the new Shuttercase, I have finally found a great combination of protective case, and ample built-in battery, designed with a mechanical shutter button, thumb rest and ergonomic handle for comfortable handling and effective photography (it even comes with a convenient wrist-strap for secure use). This lightweight combination has made my image capturing much more efficient, and more reliable.

    This is a terrific addition to my iPhone X, which has made its use as a camera much more functional and rewarding. The unit is durable, attractive and reliable, at a price point which is very attractive. Congratulations to the designers on the development and production of a great product!

    Manual Downloads Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X
    Download Shuttercase for iPhone Xs/X manual

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    久美子 山.
    Japan Japan


    This is incredibly amazing ! Easy to grip, easy to shoot. One thing I don’t like is the case is slippery sometimes.

    Matthew Hoffman

    Makes your phone feel like a camera!

    It's hard to find fault with the case. I love the way the mechanical shutter button works, and it definitely adds camera-like functionality to the iPhone X. Another plus is that the case does not rely on bluetooth or a proprietary app to function. You are free to use any photo app that can use the volume button as the shutter. Shuttercase has reworked the lens mount, and now Moment lenses fit nice and snug! Having the grip double as a battery is genius, and certainly gives you peace of mind that you can spend an entire shooting and not have to worry about running out power.

    Gordon S.
    United States United States

    Nice case!

    I was disappointed when my Shuttercase for iPhone Xs arrived because my Moment wide V2 lens didn’t fit well. I emailed Shuttercase and a nice gal named Katy wrote me back explaining their current offering for the the Xs doesn’t support Moment lenses. Sure enough it was my bad. It says right on their page “NOT Compatible with Moment lens for now”. BUT she also said they had a few of their newly designed cases on hand and would send me one right away. Well that new case arrived quite quickly and it is very nice! The lens fits well. In fact I think it fits better than on my Moment case. The shutter button works well with the native Camera app, but not with ProCamera. That may just be a setting I haven’t found yet though. The case seems a bit heavier and beefier than the Moment case, but seems well made and feels good in the hand. The battery grip greatly improves the iPhone’s ergonomics when used as a camera. Overall I’m very pleased and impressed with the new case and great customer service. If I had a nit to pick it is that the lip of the case is flush with face of the iPhone screen. It would be nice if the lip was raised a millimeter or two above the plane of the screen providing the screen some protection when placed face down on a surface. Just a thought!

    Mark N.
    United States United States

    Must have for photo lovers.

    This case is great. It’s a little tight at first but once you stretch it out a bit it works perfectly. It really gives you a comfortable camera like grip on your phone.

    Leticia H.
    United States United States

    Perfect photo case

    It feels great both with and without the handle. It's not cumbersome and I love that my moment lenses fit.


    Hey Leticia, Thank you for your trust in Shuttercase. Actually, Shuttercase for iPhone XS/X is NOT yet perfectly compatible with Moment. Yes, you can mount moment lenses, but this version doesn't have metal lens stop inside. We have a new version available within around 15 working days. We will send you a free lens mount to try out. The new lens mount is embedded with metal stop and also you can only rotate 90 degrees on this new lens mount instead of 360 degrees like now on the old version. Also, the new lens mount whole body is made of a different material, more robust. We will keep you posted. BR Katy On behalf of Shuttercase