Q: Which smartphones are you compatible with?

A: Currently we have made Shuttercase for below iPhone models: iPhone Xs, Xs MAX, iPhone X, iPhone 7Plus and iPhone 8Plus

Q: Do you have plans for Android phones cases?

A: We totally care about Android users, which we understand are the majority part of the smartphone users. Shuttercase uses a sophisticated structure design which makes it very costly to build a new molding for any case. We just have to develop the case one by one. We will definitely develop compatible cases for Samsung and Pixel in the near future.

Q: Why can’t I fully charge my iPhone X from 0% to 100% by the battery camera handle?

Q: The battery grip is 3000mAh, and iPhone X has a battery of 2716mAh. Why can I only charge around 70% of my iPhone X by the battery?

A: There is inevitable power loss during the transition from the 3000mAh battery to your phone’s battery.  Our standard is to make sure our battery charge 70% of an iPhone X while not in heavily using status. If the phone is being used while in charge, the ratio might be lower depending on how you are using it.

Q: Can I use my phone while charging it?  

A:  YES. You can use your phone to continue the shooting process while charging it. The battery grip will become a little bit hot during this process, but we have embedded a protective IC inside to avoid any possibility of any damage.

Q: Can I still charge my phone or use the headphones/aux cord while using the case?

A: Yes and No, two scenarios.  

Yes: you can still use the case while charging it by Shuttercase battery grip.  But you can’t use an AUX cord to connect to the same lightning port at the same time. If you are just using the case without battery grip charging at the same time, then sure you can plug the AUX cord of your headphone to the lightning port. 

Of course, you can always use Bluetooth earphone when using Shuttercase, no matter in charge or not. Shuttercase uses a mechanical shutter button, so it doesn’t take your Bluetooth channel.

In short, important to remember that iPhone has canceled 3.5mm headphone jack. Only a single lightning port is available. You can only plug in one cable/chord into that port.


Trouble Shooting

Q: I find it a little tight to slide on or remove the camera handle.  How to solve that?

A: Shuttercase uses a patented sliding on-off mechanism on the camera handle design. It gets smoother when you use it after dozens of time.  Here below is for first-time users:

First, make sure that the brand mark word S on the grip is heading towards the case. Contrary direction, with the “e” ( right side of the grip ) heading towards the case, might cause damage to the sliding bottom of the battery grip.

Then, after having aligned the right direction, PRES AND PUSH grip along the groove. We use a click-on structure inside the grip and groove. It’s important to make sure the grip bottom ( with the 6 buckles ) running straight through the groove in the case. Most times, what you need is to press a little bit the grip against case while sliding it on or off. While you can simply push the slide through the groove from the right end, we recommend using a little bit vigor to press from the upper side (brand Shuttercase) against the groove while pressing it through, in order to make sure the grip sliding nicely in a straight line inside the groove. 

Step 3. PRESS and PUSH to the end till you hear or feel a click. 

To remove the camera handle, you need to reverse the above steps.

So, We recommend PRESS the battery handle against the groove by your thumbs while pushing it out to remove it. PRESS and PUSH to make sure the handle running straight in the groove. You will find it convenient and easy to use once you get a hang of it.

Q: I find it a little tight to put in or take out the phone. How do I solve that?

A: Common smartphone cases need only soft TPU material or PVC+TPU to make it work, so it's relatively easy to make and bend according to demands.  Shuttercase has to embed a mechanical structure inside the thin body, which demands us to make the body part extremely tough while keeping the edge relatively soft. So, you can't bend the edges to insert phone which ever way you want as with commen cases.  Here below is what we recommend as the best way :

Step 1 Insert one side of your phone horizontally in the case. 


Step 2 Then use your thumbs to press and push in the other side.

To take out your phone, pull one of the bottom corner upwards as the illustration:


Then pull out the whole phone:


Any more questions, please contact with us any time at help@shuttercase.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

We will keep updating this section in the coming time.