Apple iPhone 11 series Wireless Battery Cases - Zencase
Apple iPhone 11 series Wireless Battery Cases - Zencase
Apple iPhone 11 series Wireless Battery Cases - Zencase
Apple iPhone 11 series Wireless Battery Cases - Zencase
Apple iPhone 11 series Wireless Battery Cases - Zencase
Apple iPhone 11 series Wireless Battery Cases - Zencase

Apple iPhone 11 series Wireless Battery Cases - Zencase


Battery Cases for Camera Lovers
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Body color: Black

  • Modern Design True Wireless Charging Battery Case for iPhone 11 series
  • Integrated Qi solution inside the case directly
  • Your iPhone original lighting port is left to you fully accessible
  • 3500mAh for iPhone 11 Pro and 4500mAh for iPhone 11/11 Pro Max big battery integrated 
  • USB-C Input port to fast charge the case battery
  • Anti-slippery linen back cover for comfortable one-hand grasp
  • Easy Installation and Essential Protections ready

Free Shipping Worldwide by USPS from New Jersey, USA | FedEx available | 30 Days Hassle Free Return | 1 Year Warranty

Why you still need a battery case for your iPhone 11

iPhone 11 series have improved battery life. But, do you know that if you shoot 4K 24fps continuously, your iPhone 11 lasts only about 4 hours?  Apple packs inside your phone tons of amazing new photo and video tools:  the front and back 4K cameras, the new ultra-wide lens, the new dark mode, and the revolutionary triple camera system that allows you to shoot your iPhone by 2 lenses at the same time. All these mind-blowing new features will expand your creative possibility while consuming your battery heavily. To fully explore them, you Need More Power. 

Why Zencase is the right choice

Unlike most battery case brands with lightning port and complicated thick design, Zencase takes a Zen approach to design a simple yet powerful tool for photographers and vloggers:

[ true wireless charging with lightning port accessible] + [ big battery integrated with Qi solution inside the case body ] + [ maximum battery capacity with minimal thickness ] + [ the over-all elegant design and feel ]  

Zencase is designed with love in the US from Team Shuttercase for content-creators, camera lovers or anyone who cares about quality things.

Anti-Slippery Linen Back

The anti-slippery linen back cover allows you to hold and grasp your phone by one hand securely.

True-Wireless with the original iPhone Lightning Port Left to You

Attention: Most of the so-called" wireless charging battery cases" on Amazon are not really charging your phone wirelessly. By " wireless " they mean a wireless pad can charge your phone through the case, while the case still uses its own third-party lightning connector to access your lightning port. Thus, your original iPhone port is NOT accessible in those cases.

Zencase is different. Your iPhone is charged on the go by an embedded Qi battery solution in the case body. The iPhone’s original lightning port is fully accessible. You can always connect your EarPods or any lightning device directly to your iPhone 11 lightning port. 

Easy Installation

Zencase uses the classic hinge design.  Simply bend the case top, slide in your phone and you are good to go.

Essential Protection Ready

Zencase body is made of hard PC that makes sure the battery is embedded securely. The curved sides are made of soft TPU, which enables you to push in or pull out your phone easily. And of course, the TPU sides provide necessary protection for accidental falls and screen impact.

USB-C Input Port

Our built-in USB-C input port enables you to fully charge the 3500mAh ( for iPhone 11 Pro ) or 4500 mAh (for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max)  battery within around 3.5 hours. Significant improvement to the old 5V/1A micro-USB charging port which generally needs 7 to 8 hours to fully charge a battery this capacity. 

Fit your jeans

Ye battery case is thicker than a plastic clear case, but we make sure you can still put it in your jeans.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector Included

We've packed a tempered glass screen protector inside the package.  Ultra-thin 0.2mm thickness, 99.99% transparency, anti-scratch and highly durable. 

Specs and Warranty

  • Thickness: 18.6 mm
  • Net Weight: 4.6 oz for Zencase iPhone 11; 4.1 oz for Zencase iPhone 11 Pro;  4.8 oz for Zencase iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Battery Capacity: 3500mAh/13.3Wh for iPhone 11 Pro;  4500mAh/17.1Wh for iPhone 11 and 11 Pro Max
  • Output: 5V = 1.5A
  • Input: 5V = 1.5 A
  • USB-C input port
  • Warranty: 1 year | Free 30-days Return

Extra Battery Life

For iPhone 11: Added video playtime up to 13 hours / Audio playtime up to 49 hours

For iPhone 11 Pro: Added video playtime up to 12 hours / Audio playtime up to 45 hours

For iPhone 11 Pro Max: Added video playtime up to 14 hours / Audio playtime up to 56 hours

What's in the box

  • Included in the box:  Zencase wireless charging case; USB-C cable; Tempered glass screen protector

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use car play when using Zencase?

    Yes of course!

2. Can I use Qi charging pads to charge Zencase or charge the iPhone through Zencase?

    No. To charge Zencase, we recommend using the USB-C cable included in the packaging. We don’t support Qi wireless pads to charge iPhone through Zencase, because Zencase itself is embedded with Qi solutions inside the case body. To charge the iPhone by any external Qi wireless charging pads, we recommend removing the case and only charging the iPhone.

3. Hong long does it take to fully charge Zencase?

    Generally, it takes around 3.5 hours to charge Zencase by USB-C cable.

4. Can I use the USB-C cable to charge the iPhone through Zencase?

    Yes! When you charge Zencase by USB-C cable with iPhone in the case, your iPhone will be automatically charged first to its full capacity, and then Zencase will be charged.

As Featured on Media

“Shuttercase’s Zencase for iPhone 11 is the best battery case not made by Apple, and it’s quite a bit cheaper, too. Apple controls which accessories can use official Lightning connectors, so Zencase got around this limitation by making the case itself a small Qi charger. This also has the benefit of leaving the Lightning port open so you can plug in wired headphones.” --- Nick Guy | Wirecutter ( A New York Times Company )

"For a true blue photography aficionado or content creator, Shuttercase would surely be a well-known brand for you. If so, you will be happy to know about their newest photographer-friendly cases for iPhone 11 Series. Zencase is a sleek, sophisticated and utilitarian battery case for the maestro in your hand. -- Jignesh Padhiyar | iGeeksblog 

Manual Downloads Apple iPhone 11 series Wireless Battery Cases - Zencase
Download Apple iPhone 11 series Wireless Battery Cases - Zencase manual

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Jason W.
United States United States

So far so good.

My experience with my new Zencase has been great thus far. I’ve only been using it for four days but I really like the look and design of the case. I’ve used the charging function once and it fully charged my phone without fully drawing the case battery. If the durability and functionality of the case holds up, I’m sure I will remain satisfied with this purchase.

Kimberly W.
United States United States

Great idea.

I love the look of the case & the sturdiness. I love the fact that I get to select when to charge as opposed to it charging in its own. However it doesn’t last long. After one charge all 3 lights are gone & if I start to charge w/ one left it only charges partially & that’s it. It won’t last a whole day.


Hey Kimberly: Thank you for getting back to us! Glad that you like the overall design of Zencase: ) For best practice, we suggest to charge Zencase to its full capacity ( around 3.5 hours to 4 hours ) . Then, generally, Zencase can charge iPhone 11 up to 70%, 11 Pro up to 62%, 11 Pro Max up to 70%. Wireless charging solution does charge less than those with Lighting head standard battery cases, but it's more convenient and leaves you the lightning port access. So, it's a trade in. For the pro video makers, we recommend using fully pre-charged iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max plus a fully pre-charged Zencase. This combo would give you around 7 to 8 hours 4K 24FPS continuous shooting power. Hope that will meet your demands: ) BR Katy

Tim F.
United States United States

Well designed

Solid and stylish; perfect fit. I like the feel of the cloth back. There is a significant bulk added due to the battery, but this is to be expected. In light of this, I would like a slight moulded grip added to the case to help with camera operation. The iPhone 11 Pro has a game changing camera system, and I'm waiting patiently for an iPhone 11 Pro Shuttercase!

A Shuttercase Customer
Martin T.
Australia Australia

Good for extra power, but I wish it were in a filmmaker format as well

I really enjoy using this new case for my iPhone 11 Pro; I just wish there were a filmmaker case as well so I could use my Moment lenses.

Cindy S.
United States United States

My Shuttercase arrived with a cracked screen cover

It was slow to arrive and I was leaving on a trip. The mailman pulled up and delivered it just as we were driving away. So... I did get it ... but just barely in time. It was a day later than the promised day of arrival. Also the screen protector was cracked. So of course I'll need a replacement for that.


Hey Cindy, Apologies for the inconvenience. It generally takes around 3 to 5 business days for USPS to deliver to destinations within the United States. We will send you a new screen cover asap: ) Thanks BR Katy